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Please enjoy our online PSYCHOLOGICAL  and PERSONALITY TESTS and QUIZZES links.  We provide listings for a wide variety of Psychological Testing links, including Personality, Psychology, and IQ tests.

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This site is intended for your information and entertainment only.  Online psychology tests do not substitute for an evaluation by a trained psychological professional.   Please read farther down this page for more information about the uses of online psychological and personality tests and quizzes.  

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PLEASE READ: Psychological tests are developed in many different ways. Some are better than others. While well developed tests can be useful tools if used correctly and thoughtfully, you cannot rely on the results of a test without knowing where it comes from and the limits of its interpretations. Results may not apply accurately to you. Psychological tests are not intended to, and DO NOT, provide definitive answers in and of themselves, they are best used in conjunction with a trained mental health professional. They are not a substitute for therapy. If you have questions or concerns about a test, or are using tests to evaluate a problem that you feel that you might have, please consult a psychological professional.  All links on this site are to individual websites outside of quincyweb.net. Quincyweb.net has no relationship with these outside sides, and their links are provided purely for your information and entertainment. Quincyweb.net cannot be held responsible for content or tests contained on individual webpage links.




Now to our Psychological Testing links...

Psychology Tests - more serious sided Back to Main Index of Tests

Concerned Counseling - Really well organized site. Eating disorders/body image/nutrition. Personality testing, depression, stress and anxiety, ADD, addictions, sex and relationships. Links to mental health resources.

Online Screening Tests - Access to quick, usable screening tests for anxiety, depression, sexual disorders, and Attention deficit disorder.

Anxiety Screening Test - Quick screening sponsored by NYU school of medicine/psychiatry.

Another Anxiety Screening Test - Screens for 8 categories of anxiety disorders, including panic, generalized anxiety, social phobia, ocd, etc.

Depression Screening Test - Are you experiencing signs of depression?

Emotional Intelligence Quiz - Find out your emotional intelligence quotient.

Another Emotional Intelligence Quiz - Just in case the first one wasn't enough for you :)

The Morality Test - Assesses moral attitudes, especially as they relate to religious and cultural background.











Personality Tests Back to Main Index of Tests

Personality Type Assessment - Based on the work of Carl Jung, and contemporary researchers, it correlates personality preferences with learning styles, teaching styles, conflict resolution, leadership, management, problem solving, stress and teamwork.

IPIP-NEO - Extensive personality inventory, and interpretation.

The Luscher Test - Interactive Personality Test based on your choice of colors.

Keirsey Character Sorter -  Find out your Temperment/Personality type.

The Big Five Personality Test - Measures five dimensions of personality. Rate yourself and you can rate a friend too!











IQ Tests Back to Main Index of Tests

Mensa - IQ testing, membership info., etc.

IQ Test -  Info about IQ tests, and a quick IQ Test and Practice Test.

Rozie's Check Your IQ Test - Various US and European IQ tests.

International High IQ Society - 5 free scored IQ Tests.











Addiction Tests Back to Main Index of Tests

Self-scoring Alcohol Test -  Are you drinking too much?

Alcohol Self-Test - Screening tool for problems with alcohol.

Alcohol Assessment Test - Sponsored by Indiana University Health Center. Geared towards college students, but applicable to others as well. Really interesting feedback on alcohol use...compare youself to national norms of college students.

Self-Test for Cocaine Addiction - Sponsored by Cocaine Anonymous

Online Sexual Addiction Questionnaire - Could you be a sex addict?

Internet Addiction - Are you addicted to the internet? Are you spending too much time online?











Vocational / CareerTests

Back to Main Index of Tests

Job Hunters Bible - Several free online career and interest tests.

The Ansir Test - Find out how you feel about relating to others in issues of work and relationships.

The Career Key - Find jobs that match your interests.

Interest Finder Quiz - Work interest quiz. Looks pretty cool, but may be sponsored by the military.











Love and Purity Tests Back to Main Index of Tests

Purity Tests - Literally dozens of different purity tests. Plus, purity test history.

The Free Internet Love Test - Use the zodia/numerology to see if your partner is right for you.

Are You a Romantic or a Realist? - Do you let romance rule your life, or do you remain level-headed?











Humorous Tests Back to Main Index of Tests

Official Nerdity Test Homepage - Always wondered if you were a nerd? This test will tell you.

Psychology Joke Page - How many psychologists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? and other bad psychology jokes.

Densa Test - Just how dumb are you? 12 quick questions and ratings.

500 Point Nerdity Test - Define your nerdity quotient.

ABC's of Personal Growth - A variety of for fun quizzes, including "Are you Sigmeund Freud?" Also, self-help resources.

The Quiz Stop - Very FAST, self-scoring quizes.  Several "Love" tests (i.e. are you compatible, do you understand the opposite sex), as well as self-exploration tests (i.e. how honest are you, are you imaginative.)

Match Your Views to the Current Political Candidates - One of the best politically-oriented tests we've seen. It matches your political views to a variety of candidates. Provides a "best match" candidate, and compares your views to each political hopeful.

Humorous Personality Test - Analyze your personality into 1 of 16 funny types.

Stress Test - How stressed are you versus how stress do you THINK you are? Humorous.











Other Sites with Tests Back to Main Index of Tests

Test, Tests, Tests - Just like it says. Lots, and links to lots more.

Queendom - Personality, jealousy tests, social introversion/extroversion. anxiety, intelligence. Focus on women, I think.

University of Life - Interesting site. Has IQ, personality, life insurance longevity, substance abuse tests, etc. ALSO has fun stuff: political IQ tests, bible quizzes, purity tests, PLUS a section on how to "beat" tests











Serious Test Resources Back to Main Index of Tests

Psychological Testing FAQ - Frequently asked questions about psychological tests and assessment.

Buros Institute of Mental Measures - Where to find information and resources on psychological measures.

Eric/AE Test Locator - Find out how to get psychological measurement instruments and materials. The availability of psychological measures is often restricted to qualified professionals


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